Preimplantation genetics and reproductive medicine 

Integrating reproductive, preimplantation genetics and reproductive medicine requires the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team and is a challenge for both clinics and patients. Drawing on my experience helping to establish several preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) programmes in the UK and abroad, I am happy to advise on any aspect of the clinical application of preimplantation genetics or identify the relevant experts to help with specific issues. I have also had the privilege over the years of advising many couples with their genetic issues in joint consultations with my clinical colleagues. On a strictly confidential basis, I am happy to provide general advice on PGT, including its limitations and alternatives. To enquire about consultancy services please email
Genetic counselling 
In many cases, the best initial step for patients will be to consult a genetic counsellor to investigate your family history and recommend any genetic testing that may be needed before proceeding to IVF treatment. For genetic counselling services, I recommend contacting Fertility Genetics.  
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